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Restaurant & Café



Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast Köpmans is located in Nauvo, in the beautiful Turku archipelago. We are a restaurant as well as a café. We prepare our popular dishes from scratch in our own kitchen by using only the archipelago’s best ingredients. Our menu offers alternatives for fish and meat lovers as well as vegetarians and vegans. We bake fresh pastries every day and from the natural gifts from our garden we make for instance jellies.

Our restaurant fosters a relaxed atmosphere and during summertime you can enjoy our kitchen’s delicacies also outside in our uniquely beautiful, old garden. Come as you are, with a small or large group to enjoy good food and pastries, grab a drink or have a long dinner with three course menu. We are open daily from spring to fall and during wintertime for groups on request.



Our café offers delicious, both salty and sweet pastries that we bake in our own kitchen. Köpmans’ big and tasty cinnamon buns have already become famous! Luscious chocolate cake, fresh mango cake and classic tosca cake are also popular favorites. During summertime, we also bake berry pies. For those who prefer salty pastries we offer for instance croissants with salty fillings. Every now and then our baker wants to try something new and the assortment changes regularly.

If you appreciate good ice cream, come to us. We offer italian gelato, artesan ice cream Nuvole that comes in various delicious flavors of ice cream and sorbets.

For drinks we offer soft drinks, juice, tea and of course; coffee. Besides our regular dark roasted coffee we also make freshly grinded cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.